Remedial and Rectification Services

Wetlock are regarded as industry leaders in moisture related remedial and rectification works, across a wide range of applications, with extensive experience in many waterproofing and repair systems, including:

  • Cavity Drainage Systems (Newton System 500 and Newton System 800)
  • Liquid Membranes – both positive and negative hydrostatic liquid membranes
  • Sheet Membranes - including TPO and Butynol
  • High-Pressure Epoxy Injection
  • High-Pressure Polyurethane Injection
  • Low-Pressure Bentonite Injection
  • Low-Pressure Cementitious Grout Injection
  • Spray-Applied Cementitious and Liquid Coatings
  • Spalling Concrete Repair

For a wide range of applications, including

  • Basements, Cellars, Lift Pits and Retaining Walls
  • Decks, Podium Decks and Balconies
  • Water Tanks, Ponds, Water Features and Planter Boxes
  • Spalling Concrete
  • Crack Repairs

Basements Including Cellars, Lift Pits and Retaining Walls

Wetlock specialise in the waterproofing of subgrade areas to both new and existing structures; and employ many different waterproofing systems to ensure the right membrane and process is specified to achieve the required results.

Our expertise in this area is one of the many reasons why Wetlock were Australia’s first fully authorised installers of the Newton System 500 Cavity Drainage System, which is simply the most reliable and effective moisture ingress control systems available on the market.

Wetlock are one of the very few contractors that will provide a genuine warranty on negative hydrostatic repairs!

Decks – Including Roof Decks, Podiums and Balconies

Leaking decks are becoming a more common issue as buildings are ageing and old membrane systems are compromised or failing.  Worse yet, leaks that are the result of faulty or inadequate work by unlicensed and unqualified workers tradies.  Left unattended, these failures can lead to substantial cosmetic and structural damage, including spalling concrete and perished timber.

Wetlock are experienced installers of the both Ardex and Mapei TPO sheet membranes, and are Manufacturer Approved Installer of Ardex TPO and Ardex Butynol sheet waterproofing systems, allowing us to offer the full manufacturer material warranties on these premium quality systems.

TPO is a high-quality, heat reflective sheet waterproofing membrane with impressive ‘Green Star’ credentials, which is typically installed on large (non-residential) roofs, and is suitable for rain-harvesting systems.

Water Retention – Including Water Tanks, Water Features, Ponds and Planter Boxes

Water retaining structures require careful selection and application of waterproofing systems, because believe it or not, many waterproofing membranes are not suitable for permanent water immersion!

Additionally, care must be taken to consider the final design and performance requirements, including exposure to chemicals (e.g. chlorine, bromine, hydrochloric acid), potable water use, leaching (could endanger marine/fish habitat inn ponds), compatibility with the substrate and subsequent coverings such as tiles and tile adhesives, paint coatings and desired warranty periods to name a few.

Repair works to these types of structures can be quite costly and it is crucial that works are completed to the highest standard the first time.